Doug Herrick

Welcome to Doug This photo of me was taken in December of 1968. HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE IMAGING The first time I saw a HDRI photo I knew I had found my medium. My renderings range from kinda realist to fantasy. A favorite topic is where does photography cross the line and become art? and what would you call it? Anyway, I hope you like it, it's all I do, for now (I Reserve the Right to Evolve). As long as the subject sits still or is nailed down, I'll use it, Here's a brief, more or less technical description of how HDRI works, by the folks at Photoshop Cafe: "Basically it's the process of taking multiple exposures and merging them together into a single 32 bit image. Let me explain: A camera is capable of capturing a limited amount of tones in a single photo. Typically we sacrifice elements in a photo when we press the shutter. For example there is a powerful cloudscape and some cliffs. If we expose for the clouds the cliffs become dark. If we set the camera's exposure to capture detail in the cliffs, the brighter sky is blown out and detail is lost. This is because the human eye can see a larger range of tones than the camera can capture on the chip or film in a single photograph. The solution is to take more than one photograph and bracket the photos. Shoot normal exposure, then under-expose a shot to capture highlights and over-expose a shot to capture shadow detail. Finally, merge these photos together to produce a single image with a larger range of tones that can now show all the details in the shadows and highlights". PRINTS I would be honored to have one (or more) of my prints hanging on your wall. "Email Me" for more information. You should know that photographers and "Standard Sizes" are a problem. Whether it be an uncropped photo or a photo that has been cropped for an effect, chances are it won't fit on a the commonly found sizes offered by Sam's Club or even SmugMug. Images can be cropped for a particular frame you may want to use or that you already have, however, some part of the image has to go, not a always a good option, artistically. On some photos you can get away with cropping, if that's what you require I'd show you what it would look like, before printing. There are lots of options available, and not all custom work is more expensive than the Standard stuff. So let me know if you're interested. I'll make it as painless as possible. *****I suggest you use the "Slide show" option for the best viewing.***** Thanks, Doug Email me